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Molly’s innate patience, attentive listening skills, and caregiving qualities allow her clients to feel comfortable and thrive to reach their fullest potential. Her genuine and compassionate nature allows her to succeed in buiding the therapeutic relationship. Above all, Molly lives, loves, and believes in what she has been trained to do. Born and raised in the south hills of Pittsburgh, PA, Molly graduated with honors from Mt Lebanon Senior High School. From early adolescence on, Molly served her community as a caregiver: babysitting, assisting her younger sister’s girl scout leader, and working in a daycare center. Molly attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Education with honors, from the University of South Florida. Throughout college, she was a dedicated and loving big sister to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. Later, she enjoyed teaching kindergarten and first grade in Lee County. Upon deciding to pursue a career as a counselor, Molly sought out a position at the David Lawrence Center here in Naples, FL. Getting her feet wet in mental health, she worked as a lead behavioral healthcare technician for the crisis stabilization unit. Molly passionately assisted senior clinicians in creating the center’s children’s crisis stabilization unit. Fully committed to the mental health field, Molly earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology at Florida International University. Post master’s, Molly provided counseling services in numerous departments for fourteen years at the David Lawrence Center. Initially, she worked for the crisis stabilization unit conducting assessments, providing support, and coordinating care for those in need. Molly’s next four years was spent providing individual, family, and group therapy for children and adolescents in a residential setting. Molly moved to an outpatient setting where she continued counseling individuals of all ages. Over the last three years, Molly completed specialized training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) through the Linehan Institute. She has mastered and successfully utilized DBT treatment interventions including individual therapy, skills training group, phone coaching, and weekly consultation. Molly is also a registered qualified supervisor for mental health counseling interns seeking licensure.

Outside of the office, you will find Molly enjoying the outdoors: paddle boarding, roller blading, camping, and fishing. She also loves spending quality time with her family. For support in your time of need, contact Molly Modzelewski, LMHC at (239) 331-7680.

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