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My first counseling job was with Vietnam Veterans with alcohol and drug addiction, in the US Army in 1971-73. I went on to college and medical school in New England. I was a professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Connecticut, until a series of heart attacks forced my retirement. For twenty years I read, attended conferences and seminars, and struggled with my own issues. I continued to learn and practice various ways to resolve and heal my own relationships and wounds. Finally it was time to put this all together and help others in the same ways that I was helped. I continue to study, learn, and grow, finding ways to access the root causes of depression, anxiety, grief, and difficult relationships. There are techniques available today that were not there twenty years ago. Faith has always been a part of my learning. Whatever faith you may or may not have, I combine your outlook with proven techniques, and with a lifetime of insight and experience we will work to discover meaning and find peace for you.

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