Project Description

I (David) am a 2009 graduate of FGCU’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. I started Spectrum Recovery Solutions to serve the needs of individuals, couples, and families in SW Florida who struggle with, and are affected by, reactive coping patterns such as addiction, mood disorders, personality disorders, relational conflict and distress. I have adapted a synthesis of behavioral, emotionally focused, and interpersonal therapy models to facilitate the process of change, grounded in deep acceptance and the understanding that the present moment, now, is the most precious and powerful aspect of our lives. The attitude, choices, and actions we adopt now, today, become the ground upon which we build the rest of our lives.

At Spectrum Recovery Solutions our mission is help you develop your life worth living.

We do this by helping you to become more aware, to live mindfully, changing patterns of belief, thinking, and behavior to develop a conscious approach to living in the moment, one day at a time. This creates a powerful and positive connection with self, others, and all of Life. Please visit our web site to learn more.

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